Render In Place 'Channel Settings' misbehave

In the manual, choosing ‘Channel Settings’ in the Render In Place Settings "Renders all effects into the resulting audio files. This includes insert effects, channel strip settings, group channel settings, and FX send channel settings. Panner settings are transferred to the new audio tracks. The resulting audio tracks keep the formats of their source tracks. A mono track results in a mono track, for example."

This doesn’t work like this, and it doesn’t work like it should.
If I render a Track with inserts, with send pre fader and with volume automation,
The rendered file is printed/rendered with all the processing (Inserts, Channel Settings, EQ, …) AND also the Volume Automation.
So the rendered File is Post Fader, Pre Pan.
BUT the send setting are transferred in the rendered file’s Track/Channel (FX Channel, Send Amount, Pre Fader), not rendered.
So the rendered channel has the send becoming post fader while it was pre fader.

This is a mess. And not the only one…
I can’t rely on ‘Render In place’ function to save CPU, print track to send to another sound engineer…
I know the audio path inside a channel is very flexible and complex in Cubase (Pre/Post EQ, Pre/Post Inserts, Pre/Post Sends, …)
But you need to clarify what ‘render in place’ really do.
Perhaps with a drawing, diagram, representing the actual Channel audio path with drag and drop functionality and the ability for the user to choose where he renders the file in this audio path.


This is an known issue.