Render In Place - Complete Signal Path does not include Send Effects


I spent the day today coming to a conclusion that the Render In Place, specifically the Complete Signal Path setting has a bug and does not include Send Effects in the following scenario:

Tracks Sending to two reverbs (2 FX channels), one short and one long - but only the first one was included in the render in place process.

Additionally, the Track names all are called Stereo ® instead of the midi track it rendered. This might be how it works atm but my suggestion is to change or have a configurable setting for it since renaming 400-500 tracks takes a while.

Also, some of the bounced wav (Used “As Block Events”) got their name derived from a generic “Kontakt 01” or “Omnisphere” and some got their name derived from what the midi event was called. Meaning if I have two blocks of a midi track with two events called “Synth_Something” , sometimes - one of the rendered block events has the name “Omnisphere” or “Kontakt 01”, assumably from the vst output channel name.
If there is a conflict of a name already being taken then I suggest adding on a “-01” and count up.

Many thanks.

Version of Cubase is: 10.0.15, Build 136

/Best Regards


It works to me here. I added 2 Sends here. Both FX Channels are rendered while using Complete Signal Path.

The other note to the Track name: Be aware the Audio Return Channel is rendered for the Instruments, not the MIDI Track.