Render In Place doesn't chase midi CC correctly

Here are the steps :

  1. Open empty project.

  2. Find a VSTi which has its sound clearly affected by mod wheel (CC 1). (I loaded LASS Leg Violins)

  3. At Bar #1, Record a high value CC 1 and a note. Stop.

  4. Go to around bar #20 etc, record just a note, there must be no CC 1.

  5. Transport to bar 9-10, between the two parts created, where there is no midi parts, just empty space.

  6. In that same midi track, while transport is not playing, drag mod wheel to a very low value.

  7. “Render In Place” the second part (where there is no CC 1)

  8. Result is an audio with the CC 1 you played while not recording. (It is not the material written in the track)

It should have chased the CC 1 in the first part, but it didn’t. It stayed on the same CC 1 value that you played while not recording.

I kindly request feedback on this issue. Thanks.


I can confirm this, and I report it to Steinberg.

Wow, thanks!!


In the first section, open cc to high value.

Second section should “remember” the high value, as it does when playing or exporting to wav. But render in place will reset the controller value for the second part.

I’ve given up on the render function, for now.

Cubase Pro 10 on Win10

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Martin, this thread still didn’t get a number, such as this thread : [CAN-18940] Some plugs show white GUI - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Is it acknowledged?


I’m not allowed to write these numbers publicly anymore.

Has there been any improvent on this in cubsse 13? Cubase 12 suffers from the same…