Render In Place doesn't null

Been over this before. Fed up with it now.

I use Scarbee Pre-bass - Render a bass track - can clearly hear that it doesn’t sound correct eq wise.

FIRST OFF - I know about variations in samples but that is not relevant here!

If I use RIP and try to phase the rendered track against my instrument track it doesn’t even remotely null. BUT if I use batch export and phase the exported track against the instrument track the only thing i hear are random “pickup hits” in Scarbee which is a variation to be expected.

RIP doesn’t work and is useless.

I’m pretty sure it’s because of the round robin samples here, even if Batch Export prevents this.

About it clearly not sounding correct EQ wise, can you post examples?

Not seeing that here at all. I created a bass line with Scarbee Pre-Bass using its default config. I made sure that there was no audio processing anywhere on the bass’ signal path. Then I rendered it in place. After reversing the phase on the audio file & playing it back along with the original the bass was pretty much nulled out.

My guess is that there is some signal processing that was inadvertently included or excluded from one signal path but not the other (i.e. something like EQ getting applied to the audio when it was rendered & is being applied a second time on the new channel).

I did some testing when RIP was implemented and it nullified pretty much all.
Some VSTi’s like EZ drummer have a groove thing that never plays exactly the same every time.
Of cause any free floating modulation would make it impossible to null.
I haven’t tested in C.9.0.30

That’s why I specifically used the same VSTi as the OP.

Good point.