Render-in-Place (dry) applies pregain and then transfers pregain settings to new track

Hi, I have noticed that Cubase 12.0.70 in Windows 10 has started to apply the pregain and filter settings even when Dry (transfer channel settings) is selected.
It also copies the pregain settings to the new channel, so it “doubles” the processing.
Haven´t tried channel EQ but I suspect it might be the same.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add audio track with some audio file
  2. Apply pregain or HC o LC (exagerate to taste for testing purposes)
  3. Render-in-place with dry settings

Result: The Pre settings have been applied in the event and also copied to the new track

let me know if you can reproduce it!

Edit: I don´t have previous version of C12 but C11 works has it should, doesn´t render pre settings and copies them to the new track . I believe this has started in newer versions of C12.


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Thanks Martin, haven´t read that when I searched, my apologies if it is a double post.

(I believe there will be no more c12 updates, so to have this bug fixed I would have to wait for c13?)

Unfortunately there’s no guarantee this will even be fixed in Cubase 13, but according to statements made prior on this forum this ain’t getting fixed in Cubase 12.

It will be so strange then… of course It was must be fixed in version 12… But we all know, that 12 version is no longer will updated…

This should of course be fixed in C12… ASAP

As someone who uses RIP a lot, this bug (introduced recently en C12) should be fixed in C12 as a hotfix

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Yes, but NO more updates for Cubase 12… :frowning: