Render in place(dry) made empty audio tracks

Hi All,

Today I need to bounce all my midi but I am not sure this is normal or not.

I made 4 midi tracks and connected with halon Sonic SE.

I made four active output and mixed won balance with plugins.

But when I did Render in Place with dry setting, each midi parts made all active audio track.

I attached screenshots. Is it normal?

The reason I use dry setting, I want to change fx amount and insert plugin later.

If my setting is wrong, could anybody explain how to do that?

I am thinking if I connect midi track to one of halon track, bouncing should affect only the connected track/ch.

This is just 4 tracks and I can get rid of empty audio track manually but if I do 16tracks or more instruments, it is going to bother a lot.

Thank you.

Screenshot 2017-01-14 14.54.44.png
Screenshot 2017-01-14 14.54.51.png
Screenshot 2017-01-14 14.55.11.jpg


Render In Place always render all (16) virtual outputs, which are available, if you are using multi-out. The reason is, Cubase doesn’t know the internal routing of the Instrument (there is no this kind of communication between Cubase and the VSTi). So to be on the safe side, Cubase always render all.

Hello Martin,

Thank you so much quick response.
As you said, Cubase doesn’t know the internal routing of the instrument. But I don’t think so because I changed internal routing the instrument.

For example, in MIDI 05 track connected HAlion output 2 on inspector section…
And it seems work. Because when I play something, volume indicator in audio fader move well.
Isn’t it internal routing? Unless what is it?
Screenshot 2017-01-14 16.37.59.png
Thank you so much.


Here you jist inform Cubase what Audio Return Channel do you use with this MIDI Track. But you have to do it manually, because there is not this kind of comunication between Cubase and the plug-in.

Yes, you are right, Cubase knows it now, so it could Render only this one Channel. But it doesn’t. it seems, it’s not safe enough to rely on this pretty hidden feature.

Thank you.
Yes. I did it manually.
It is very useful function to me.

I hope next update could support this render function.

Thank you for your opinion.

I wouldn’t expect so, to be honest.

This feature is here jist to show correct data in the Inspector.