Render in place... even copies automation!

if you have automation on the VSTI… and you bounce in place dry / selecting the copy effects… and the channel has automation on it? it copies over the automation also!

this is a very well thought out solution!

well done!

Please tell me what about inserts?

sorry what about inserts?

you choose ‘render in place’ and choose copy effects and it creates an audio file, mutes the other channel and copys over all Inserts + track routing + automation… presumably sends also! …

some people say this is just an easier way to bounce channels… but no, we haven’t had anything like this before! this is really nice and it does a lot of work. its as good as movable frozen parts… perhaps even better! :slight_smile:
greg ondo on render in place
(and more vids about C8 at steinberg and clubcubase youtube channel )

does it copy sidechain routing and bussing ?

You can choose render dry signal, and then it render the wave file as dry (without fx bounce) in a new track with the same chain insert preset.
Pretty cool.

Thx, Xtigma, I was not sure about the inserts, because in the video they tell about eq and channel strip settings. Now it’s clear that inserts are copied too. Really good.

Bussing yes, sidechain no…
glad you asked, i’ll keep that in mind

will the render in place work on midi lanes or midi notes ?
for example rendering drum components separately from one drum channel/track even if its on the same audio output, also will it render instrument separately (our drum example) assigned to multi outputs ?

Render in place is indeed very handy.

What do you mean by copying bussing? It just prints the send effect with the track if you chose “complete signal path” in the dialog. But it doesn’t activate any send on the rendered track does it?

But my main concern regarding render in place is that it takes a lot of time to render tracks. It’s very slow, and way slower that using the export audio mixdown dialog.

im not sure about midi outputs but if you have a VST instrument, and it has 3x outputs, and you choose render in place, it creates 3 audio chans for the instrument

depends how you do it, if you just select the channel itself then yes it can be quite slow,
but I find selecting the events themselves can result in a fast render

ok great… :wink:
i explore it after the 10 hour download completes :unamused:

10 hour?.. are you on dialup?

haha no dialup anymore like the old days :wink:
i have 100MB and all other sites are OK, i even tested the download speed an hour ago and it says 103 MB…
for the first 30 min it showed 5 days to download …!! now 10 hours looks fine !! ))

after 8.0.20 update Render In Place stopped copying automation…