Render in Place > followed by original part automation

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ‘render in place’ a VST instrument, with any and all it’s processing and FX, then (as part of the same process, the original part is AUTO - 1. muted, 2. VST dis-engaged, 3. FX dis-engaged, and then this is 4. automatically routed to a new folder track which is created…

Render in place seems like a great feature, but why stop there Steinberg when the logic is to complete the process as above?

Good work though, I’m a fan of C8 pro and Steinberg in general.


  1. muted, 2. VST dis-engaged, 3. FX dis-engaged

The disable source track option does all of these, doesn’t it?

  1. automatically routed to a new folder track which is created…

Personally I’m happy with the current auto hiding and if I re-enable for further editing they are back where I need them…I wouldn’t want them in a different place just because they are now audio…but maybe that’s just me.
I assume you do mean move to new folder as routing and folders have no connect?

Unless im missing something, I would just be happy if I render a mono track with only mono insert effects that it would render the audio in Mono and not Stereo. Not sure why it does that if there’s no stereo effects on it.

Workaround is to route to a mono group or to “no bus” before rendering. Then you’ll get the mono result you want.

I’m guessing that much like export audio mixdown they’ll add an option to render in mono at some point…I just wish they could give an export/render “as is” option so you can do both mono and stereo in a batch.