Render in place for external Hardware(instruments)

i cant get my Yamaha MOXF to be rendered in place.
i get only blank audio event on time line.
i tried with the MOXF editor(i tried Both the UR44 as sound card and MOXF as sound card), couldnt figure how to route to audio inside cubase to record it with BIP.
also tried to BIP without the MOXF editor, i created external instrument, with returning audio to it from the relevant input,created midi device with the midi ch used,then i load it to rack (F11) assign it to the midi tracks,but still nothing !
probably i miss something cuz i see users here say its possible :open_mouth:

If someone using MOFX/Motif fx editor inside cubase as vst, is it also possible to BIP with that ?

AFAIK render in place doesn’t support external instruments/effects.

Render in place is simply not possible with external hardware as the audio has to be played back in real time. You have to record your external instruments audio onto audio channel(s) in Cubase. That is the only way. This applies to all external hardware whether it be a synth or a rack hardware processor. You can of course send midi from Cubase and record the audio result on audio tracks. Render in place will work with actual VSTi instruments and VST plugin effects.

Note: i have double post of this topic, so i copy here my answer.

hoo yeah i could do it now with MOXF as the sound card… > :wink: >
but is it possible to RIP with its analog output through other sound card (avoiding switching Asio drivers )
i could only RIP one track as External instrument with instrument track… regular midi tracks won’t render, it ignores it.

anyway its a nice to have

its possible partially i guess… at list with MOXF as the sound card. and it render in place in real time.if i choose to render as separate events it actually jumps, so if i have a 2 bars midi event in the beginning of song and 4 bars at the end of the songs it jumps to it and render(record) it. so basiclly you can have your coffee served and cubase will do all MOXF recording for you… great :wink:
just don’t sure its can be done with the regular “external instrument” method.

Are you sure about this? What about with C10? I have been searching for this for days. But we can add a single instance of the external hardware as VSTi? But still does not work!