Render In Place for Folder Tracks

Feature Request
Enable the blocks of folder tracks, that represent multiple audio tracks within, to be rendered in place. The naming scheme would take the folder’s name into account as track name. Audio tracks within a folder would be mixed down and blocks would be separated into separate files when output.

I’m doing a lot of game sound design and I love the way render in place can use the track names to output file names. However, there’s a thing that would even further help streamline the process of outputting a lot of audio sound effects for games. And that is if folders could be rendered in place.

The situation currently
A sound effect usually consists of several audio tracks, or layers. And for each sound effect one does several variations in order not to sound always the same when triggered in fast succession. So I have multiple tracks for one sound effect and multiple variations per sound effect.

Per project I always have multiple sound effects. I don’t save one sound effect per project file, so I have several sound effects consisting of several tracks per sound effect and several variations per sound effect.

Workflow today
I can select multiple tracks and render in place. This way I can use the great naming feature that outputs track names based on parameters. But this way I cannot render the multiple tracks I have into one sound effect.

I can “mixdown to one track” so multiple audio tracks are combined into one sound effect, as it is intended. But this way I cannot use the automatic track naming conventions and always have to provide the name for the output files manually effect by effect.

I usually group these sounds into folders. So I have one folder per sound effect that contains all audio tracks or layers used to make up this sound effect. It would be great if I could just select the top level folder’s blocks that contain all audio tracks and render in place those! This would solve all problems. Nuendo could use the track naming scheme to output file names and would also mixdown all the tracks in the folder. This way, when I changed some effect setting on the master bus, I only needed to quickly select all folder blocks and render them in place with the track naming scheme and I could instantly output a complete project with great naming and the new settings applied.

Nobody interested in render-in-placable folder tracks? This doesn’t work currently but I think it would be super handy to mixdown everything that’s in a folder and use the folder’s naming for naming convention.

+1 - I am !

+1, but useless, no one reads this thread