Render in place for mono MIDI tracks

Hi team,

I want to use the Render In Place function to convert MIDI tracks to audio. These MIDI tracks are triggering my Tyros 5, not a VSTi. I don’t think Cubase 8 supports this function at the moment, however, I believe there is a work around–something to do with mono buses. I’ve tried creating one but it doesn’t appear in my drop down list of outputs.

How is this done? Thanks.

  • Lee

You’ll probably need to be more clear how you are actually using the Tyros.
How is it connected for audio, is it set up as a Cubase external instrument and loaded to an instrument track…or in the rack…or none of the above??

And just to be clear…there is no such thing as a mono midi track…You will be hearing stereo unless you already set it specifically to be mono or assigned it to a single output in the Tyros.

Good points, Grim.

My Tyros 5 is not in the rack. I believe it resides as a standalone instrument. Its audio out L/R goes to my Steinberg CI1 interface, which goes to my Yamaha HS8 powered monitors. The CI1 is connected by USB to my PC. I assumed the MIDI tracks were mono because I only see a single light dancing in the track meter. I know stereo audio tracks have two slim meters dancing in the track meter. Now, are my MIDI tracks mono or stereo? I thought they would at least look the same on the meters.

This whole audio routing is a total and complete mystery to me. I really wish someone would explain it with diagrams not just the techno-terms. I can’t keep track of the signal path explanation when everyone only talks about “routing back to this bus” or “sending this out to the VST rack.” I know that’s a silly way to put it, but I really know nothing about the signal routing, beyond getting my MIDI to work. Thank heavens I’m only using one stereo pair from my sound module and two keyboards.

More help welcomed. Thanks.

  • Lee

OK…I’ll try to give this a go without confusing myself or you.

Midi is only a trigger. It tells something else what notes to play. It is neither stereo or mono.

Your Tyros receives the notes and plays the sound selected (either on the device or via midi again).

So do you have the L/R out of the Tyros connected to both inputs on the Ci1 with a stereo to twin mono jack cable??
this will determine whether it is mono or stereo.

You don’t really need to render this per se but simply record the outputs of your Tyros as they are being returned to your audio interface or mixer into Cubase. Once you’ve created audio tracks, you’ll just mute or delete your MIDI tracks as they are now represented as audio in Cubase. As you suspected, you can’t render MIDI information that is controlling an external sound source.

Ok…now I understand, guys. I knew what I was doing but thanks to you guys, I now understand the “why.”

When I dissolved my drum tracks, I ended up with a total of 24 MIDI tracks, which need to be converted to audio. I guess I need to do them one track at a time. I was hoping the Render in Place function would shorten the time required. I can live with that.

Many thanks!

  • Lee

I have a Motif equipped with the firewire interface which lets you send out 8 tracks at a time. I believe your Tyros also supports this if you have the FW16E card installed. That will speed up the process for sure!

Agreed, SuStudio. I just finished recording all 24 MIDI tracks to audio. Now the fun begins :slight_smile:! Thanks.

  • Lee