Render In Place FX Sends bypass automation not working

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a empty project
  2. Add a audio stem, preferable a drumloop
  3. Copy the drumloop for 4 bars (just for demonstration purpose) and glue it together
  4. Create a send fx for that track, Delay, Reverb or so
  5. Set the send level to 0 db (default) and bypass it (off)
  6. automate the send bypass effect, fly it in on bar two (not bar one), and fly it out on bar three

What you hear now is that the reverb comes in on bar 2 ind goes out on bar 3.

Make sure that “read” is enabled on the track to read automation data.

  1. select the loop and choose “render in place”
  2. select “render in place settings”
  3. Choose "complete signal path + master fx
  4. Click OK

What should happen:
The track will be rendered with the automated send effects included

What actually happens:
The track is getting rendered without the send fx automation

Cubase Version: 9.5.50 as well as 10.5.12
Running on Win 10, latest version
PC config. down below in my profile description.

Anyone ?