Render in place glitches


I reproduced a bug last year with Cubase 8.
I reported it to Steinberg, but they didn’t answer (except the initial acknowledgement).

Could anyone here try this with Cubase 9?
Maybe Steinberg corrected this bug and this is only an issue of their support.

Render In Place seems to ignore muted events (comping tracks) that are overlayed by shorter, aktive events.
You can reproduced it by:

  • take a loop
  • copy it to a second comping subtrack
  • cut it (e.g. alt+scissor every 16th)
  • make the cutted events shorter (e.g. edit length + add fades)
  • mute the whole event on comping track 1
  • select all events of the track (the whole track including every subtrack)
  • render in place
  • result contains the muted events with glitches and clicks

One of the main reasons to use render in place is, that i speeds up working, if you have to bounce a lot.
If you can not trust the result, you have to listen carefully through every rendered piece.
This takes longer than using the old features like freeze or audio export.
So i insisted on a bug fix, since this is important for the trust in “render in place”.

Best regards - YoH


What’s your Render In Place settings? Could you share the project?

That I can see… If I mute any event, this event is rendered too, as an “empty” event (no signal here). I don’t have any glitches or clicks in the muted event.


I tried different render in place settings with the same result. The problem is render in place with comped tracks.
Here is my cubase 8 project, that reproduces the bug:

Since i haven’t got any answer from Steinberg, i would like to know, if they have repaired the bug with cubase 9.

Best regards


I tried on my system with your project, and it’s perfectly phase-canceled here.

But if I use your drums02 !RenderInPlace track, it’s not.

What Audio Device and Buffer Size do you use? Do you use ASIO Guard?

Thanks for your help. If it works for you, then it may be fixed in Cubase 9.
I’m using Cubase 8.

It would be nice, if steinberg could answer my request.

Since I don’t get the glitches, when I use the normal audio export, I’m pretty sure, that it has nothing to do with ASIO. Nevertheless I will try it again with a greater buffer size. I use EMU1616m.

I retried it in the latest version of cubase pro 8.
I still can reproduce the bug.
It is important though to select the comped track (so that all the comped lines get selected) before “render in place”.
Could you (or someone else) try this again (in cubase 9) like i did in the screenshots (or described below)?

Does someone else work with “render in place” in combination with comping tracks and does have problems with clicks or something else from time to time? (217 KB)