Render in Place - How do you undo it Thanks

Just bought Cubase 8 Pro, switching from Studio One. Currently drinking from a fire hose trying to learn this awesome program. I’ve got “Render in Place” to work and it did a fantastic job taking a instrument track and creating an audio track. Unfortunately I forgot something on the midi part and need to modify it. I looked under the Edit Menu and there is No option to Un-Render in Place the Instrument Track… How do I get my instrument track back working and remove that Rendered in Place Audio Track. Sorry for the newbie question… but… I’m am…lol

I assume it is too late for a simple Undo command. However, if I understand you correctly, you can simply delete the newly created track, “unmute” (the X in the top bar) the instrument track, make the changes, and Render again. Is this what you were asking?

oh ok, that’s simple enough. I saw a video on Cubase 8 on macprovideo and it showed an option on the edit menu that wasn’t on mine. I’m now thinking that instructor was doing a video tutorial using a Beta Version, lol. This way is a lot different then he showed. Will try it …thanks.