Render In Place Improvements (with picture)

Please add an option to leave out the fader and panning positons when I do a RIP with the insert chain. Its annoying to either have a quieter wave file afterwards or to have to manually havo reset everything to zero (fader and panning) and than manually restore it on the new channel…
Ideally we could make selections based on the audio flow:

  • preSection (if not selected: Ereything on default, 0dB or off)
  • Inserts (if not selected: Bypassed)
  • Cubase audio-chain (if not selected: Bypassed)
  • Panning (if not selected: Center)
  • Fader (if not selected: 0dB)
  • Send-FX (if not selected: Bypass)

And an additional option to really render “in place”. Don’t render to a new track - replace the content in the clip without new track.

I love both of the above ideas. Or even putting it into a new version or lane in the same track would be cool too.
An option to leave volume and panning data off of batch track exports would be really useful as well.