Render in place in mono issues

I’m trying to render in place mono track. I would like to render it as mono.
However, whatever I do, it renders in stereo.
I’ve reviewed the Greg Ondo video several times and I do everything as directed (dry setting).
Anyone have any comments?

one way is to go to Audio Connections (F4) and create a mono out buss. Assign the track you want rendered to this output buss, then in render settings, select complete signal path. I don’t know if there’s a simpler solution, but this works for me


Render in Place is always stereo.

Why? There’s no real benefit to using a mono file format over a stereo format. A lot of folks always use stereo files for both mono & stereo content. That way every thing works the same and you don’t really need to pay attention which is which.

I rendered a track in mono yesterday???
With insert effects on the source track… obviously not the selecting the complete signal path.

I could swear that the last time I used to render in place, there was no problem. I didn’t have to do anything special.