Render in place includes VST sound name

I don’t know how many hundreds of times I have shot myself in the foot by digging in my millions of sounds and forgetting the name of the sound I used from a synth to be able to go back to it and replay something that maybe needed a key change. I just noticed today when I rendered something out of slate digital’s Anna the file was just named Anna but it would be very cool if it could read the actual instrument name which was Grand music box and print that with the name too. This is something simple but definitely helpful and I know how thorough you guys are so I bet you would actually do this one day!


1++++ Agreed!

Does this mean you render your VST instruments and then delete the actual VST and its track?
When I render a VSTi, I keep the instrument and its track(s) but disable them and put them in a folder out of sight. It is very convenient in the case I need to go back and make a change to the instrument or performance and since the VSTs are disabled, they don’t take up any resources to speak of.

This is not possible with instruments that have their own preset management system (which are pretty much all of them nowadays), as Cubase has no way of knowing which preset is loaded, this is information only the plugin has.
It would probably be technically possible if you saved the internal preset as a vstpreset with Cubases’ own mechanism, but you’d have to type in the preset name for everyone you want to save.


What I do is this, i create an track folder in my project specifically for this, like an archive.

Whenever I render something down to audio I keep the original track with the instrument and midi and disable that track. Then I put that in my ‘Archive Folder’ and if i need it later i can enable it and make changes or see what preset I was using.

Every so often i version my project and clean that folder out because I can always import it back from a previous version.

But i also version my project before rendering and then render a few tracks at once. So i always have ways to get back to the originals if anything goes wrong.