Render In Place inquiry

Hello everyone,

I recently found an article about the Render In Place function, which is apparently part of Cubase 9. When I went and tried to implement it, I found no such option despite using the current (9.0.20) version of Cubase Elements 9. The help centre doesn’t specifically say that Render In Place is a Cubase Pro only option, so how do I enable it in my setup?

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This is Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist feature only.

hello i am wondering the same thing… but i also noticed that in cubase elements 9.5 when you go to export a multi out like groove agent,this does not seem possible either because, i go to export/audio mixdown/ and then your page comes up,on the left you would have the name of the vst 'groove agent for example with all the outs that are activated…but there is nothing except a label saying ‘OUTPUTS’ AND JUST BELOW THAT A LABEL SAYING ‘STEREO’ WITH A BOX WITH A TICK/CHECKED AND IT STAYS ENGAGED AUTOMATICALLY i have tried unchecking it to see what the difference is but nothing happens,so how do i export midi to audio with groove agent or halion which have multi outs???

Same answer as Martin gave the other guy…This feature is in Artist or Pro only.

You’ll have to export/import one track at a time…or upgrade. (couple days left for 40% off)

ok i am totally up to speed thanks for the guidance …i would be pulling out my hair if i had some damn…i will leave you guys in peace have a good evening