Render in Place Instrument Track Missing Audio

I have just started going through a project and converting my instrument tracks to audio so that these can be exported and imported into my mixing template. Its during this process that I have come across an issue with the “Render in Place” process that seems to be tied to combination of Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol and the Spitfire Player.

Due to owning a Native Instruments S61 Mk2 MIDI controller I built my template to use Komplete Kontrol in place of specific VST instruments for the obvious benefits that come with using Komplete Kontrol and an S61 controller. The template I have developer was based upon one Spitfire provided that has complex routing and the entire orchestra setup with all instrument channel set to the a disabled state.

Today I started going through the various instrument tracks in the project and using “Render in Place” to convert these to audio and had no issues whilst doing this. It was only when I went to covert a track that was for the BBCSO Violin1 strings that I saw the issue, the audio file that had been created had missing notes in. So I deleted the audio track and reran the the render process, this time the audio was completely empty and every time I reran the process I got a different result. I then create a new instrument track this time connected directly to the Spitfire Player and copied over the MIDI, this time when running the “Render in Place” the output audio was perfect. Also other tracks that use Komplete Kontrol with other VST have rendered without any issues.

So there seems to be an issue with the Spitfire Player been hosted inside of Komplete Kontrol when the “Render in Place” process is run, just to confirm normal playback is fine with no dropouts it is only during the render process. As a last step I also tried doing an audio mixdown of the project but only for the selected track and the exact same results were seen as when doing the render process.