Render in place is not creating a new track anymore

Hi, i dont know if i clicked some option or this is really a bug.

Until yesterday, i could do render in place like a boss.

But now, everytime i try “render in place”, cubase dosent create a new track with this material rendered anymore.

I can see renderization going on… i can see renderization finish, i can see a new audio file create on audio folder on disk, but cubase dosent create a new track with this new audio.

So, i am having to go to disk and drag and drop this rendered audio back to a new audio track inside cubase.

This really sucks.

Is this a issue or i’m blind and can’t see some menu option or something like that?

Thanks for help


Hi and welcome,

There is no such a preferences. It doesn’t make any sense.

Do you render an event (or multiple events), or the track? Is the source an Audio or a MIDI? Do you Hide Source, or Mute Source…?

More info would be helpful. Could you send a screenshot of your Render in Place settings window, please?

I tried almost similar issue, but mostly works second time, maybe a bug…

Hi Martin. I Really really sorry for take so long to come back here.

I was in a bussness trip last week.

I sorry for not providing full information about this strange issue.

So, i decided record my screen to show exactly steps i do here.

I hope you can help me, cause RenderInPlace was really usefull for me.

Thanks so much

Hmmm, interesting…

There is no filter of audio channels. What about visibility?

Is the Channel visible in MixConsole?

I’m afraid, you should trash a preferences of Cubase, i.e. try safe-start mode.

Hi Martin.

Yes, channel is visible on Mix.

I did what you told me to… trash cubase preferences… and know the sky is blue again thanks to your tip hahaha

I really want to thank you for it my friend

Greetings from Brazil,
Helmuth Schmitz

Interesting, so the Channel was there, but it visible in the Project window.

By any chance, did you make a backup of your Preferences folder? If yes, could you ZIP it and send it to me via PM (share for example via Dropbox). Thank you.

Hi Martin… sorry i didn’t make my preferences backup.

If this issue happen again i’ll do it and contact you here in forum to send youn these preferences, ok?