Render in place is rendering to one unified audio track, even though I selected "Separate events"


When using render to audio on virtual instrument tracks, it’s making the rendered audio track one long audio track, even though in the render settings, I’m selecting separate events. How do I get it to render the audio in one track, but maintaining the separate parts? I noticed that if I just select one midi part at a time, it works fine, but who has time to go through every midi part for every track and render each one?

I assumed I can just select the track, or at the very least, select every midi part on that track, click render in place, and have them render the way I want it to. Am I missing something?

A guess, but Is it because of the selected tail size? Hard to tell but looks like the tail size may be bigger than some of the gaps between events, Perhaps this forces the events to be joined? Not tested this, just a hunch. :slight_smile: