Render In Place issue. Can anyone reproduce?

I am wondering if anyone can reproduce this:

I am in a busy project.
I have multiple crash cymbal events layered on top of each other on separate tracks.
I want to select all the crash cymbal events to render them to a single audio file and event.

I select the events and go to the Render In Place settings.
I select the Channel Settings option
I select the Mixdown to One Audio File option
I give it a name
I click Render

I get a new event with every single channel in the project rendered together. It has not solo’d the selected events/channels. I am forced to drag the events to an empty spot in the project in order to not have all the other channels included in the render.

Can anyone confirm this? I don’t recall having this issue in Cubase 11.

I’m on Mac running Catalina and on Cubase 12.

Just use the audio export to render all your tracks into one stereo track

I don’t want to render the whole track. I want to render only the selected audio events into a single file. Render In Place isn’t doing a great job. Just want to know if this is an actual issue that needs to be fixed. Or is it because I’m using MacOS Catalina.

I don’t know about the Mac OS, I use a PC, but if I had to get the job done I might resort to some good old-fashioned copy and paste engineering to fashion a single track and render that. Good luck