Render In Place killing my workflow

Hi everyone.

Been using Cubase for ages, and I used to avoid rendering thing to keep the option to adjust anything any time I wanted.

The down side of this is that at some point, projects become too heavy for CPU, and hard to impossible to keep working on a project.

So tried my self to the habit of committing things, and it work very well!

I use guitar simulation plugins, so I like to use de render in place feature so that I can render the raw guitar tone to a new track, freeing CPU resources, and from there work on the render guitar clips.

What is killing my workflow:

  • Creating a new track each time I render. I’d love an option to put the rendered clip just on the next audio track, or keep it in the same track
    Currently I have to move it (which is ok), but I each need to remove the created track, which could be avoid!

  • The other thing is that I really need to be able to render pre-fader. It’s just so annoying that I can render at full volume the output of my amp sim plugin. It would be so great to juste have a pre-fader option in the render in place!!!