Render in Place (Literally!)

It would be nice if this new RIP function had an option to literally replace the existing audio with the bounced and/or process audio events… When I am rendering things like Vocalign and Wavetune this will save YEARS in time as I don’t have to move the new event audio into the old slot and turn off the inserts which were active in the rendering… The current options make it very difficult if you work off a template with preset routing. Granted… I make it work for my now…

This new feature could be titled rendered in place (replace audio) where you would have 2 options… Replace existing audio and leave the active inserts and sends on… OR what I would love… Replace existing audio using active inserts and sends and turn off the active inserts and sends once this audio replacement is complete…

I love Cubase and have been using it for 15 years!!! Keep doing what you do guys!!!


It would be nice not to create new tracks every time. Just replace the audio material.

It’s what I intend usually when I use is so, yes. +1

As an option of course.