Render in Place loses the send Automation?

Having a bit of a strange issue here. I render my Vocal tracks because the plugs are a bit heavy on the cpu. In render settings I choose the Processing with channel settings. Now the new track has the efx from inserts so it will free up my CPU. But all the automation on the sends are not transffered to the new Audio channel? Am I missing something here? surely the new track should have all my automation on the sends transfered.

I did try Dry just to see what happens and the dry function does transfer the automation.
I’m on Cubase 10.5

If it’s normal this way how do you guys copy the send automation to the new rendered track ?


This is an known issue.

Thanks for the response. Bit lazy oversight from Steinbergs side as it’s implemented on the Dry option.
Surely you want the rendered copy of the track to behave/sound excactly like the original otherwise whats the point?

I still have this issue in C11! Has this been fixed in C12? I mean this is ridiculous…

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This is not an issue at all.
You say you are using the Channel Settings processing, but the Sends are not applied with that one. You need to choose Complete Signal Path.

A quick description of the different processing will help you :

Dry = The same as duplicating the track. Audio is untouched and the new track has the same parameters (including Inserts, Sends, etc), that means, the Sends still point to the original FX Tracks and Group Tracks, and their automation is read in real-time.

Channel Settings = Applies all the Insert effects and the Channel EQ/Strip to the track. The Sends are not applied, and the rendered track will still point to the corresponding FX/Group Tracks, and like the Dry setting, will be played in real-time.

Complete Signal Path = Applies all the Inserts, Channel EQ/Strip, and Sends (FX/Group Tracks). The FX and Group Tracks obviously should NOT be muted, otherwise they won’t be applied. The same goes for the Automation, it needs to be on Read mode if you want it to be applied.

Complete Signal Path + Master FX = Everything above + Track Panners + Ouput Track complete signal path.

Edit :

Back in January 2020, I agree that there probably was an issue with the Channel Settings processing, where it would not properly copy the Send parameters to the new track (the track was created without the Sends, at least that’s what I guess by reading the first post).
The original poster was wrong when saying that “the new track should have all my automation on the sends transferred”, because Send automation never gets transferred anywhere, it stays on the same FX Track that the Send points to.

I just tested everything and it now works as it should, so if anyone is still experiencing an “issue” then it’s probably because you’re not doing it right.


It’s so strange that on this forum the first reaction you usually get is: “you’re doing it wrong!”

If I use ‘Complete Signal Path’ as you suggested, I’ll get an audio file with the sends rendered. That makes no sense to me since I can’t edit send levels and automation anymore.

Let me explain what I was expecting the ‘Render In Place’ function with ‘Channel Settings’ to do:
I have an audio track that uses external insert effects and send effects automation. Since I want to be able to edit the session without hardware (and also for archiving) I render the track so I’ll have a new audio track that already ran through the inserts but keeps the send effects configuration including automation.
This is exactly what ‘Render In Place’ with ‘Channel Settings’ does, EXCEPT it doesn’t copy the send automation! I mean what’s the point in copying the sends if it doesn’t copy the automation?


What !? Copy where ? The automation stays on the original FX Track, there is no need to copy it anywhere else ! I’m on Cubae 12.0.20 and there’s absolutely no issue. You keep believing that the Sends are copied but this is not the case ! The new track has the same Send parameters than before the render, and the FX/Group tracks remain where they were ! Both the non-rendered and the rendered tracks will be routed to the same one FX Track that was already there before ! There’s never been such a thing as “copying” the Sends. Holy cow.

Look: I ‘Render In Place’ with ‘Channel Settings’ and disable the original track. All send parameters are the same on the new track but the send level automation is not. So I have to manually copy the automation from the original track to the new track.

Actually, no automation is transferred when Channel Settings is selected. This not only includes Sends but also everything that are not rendered, like the track gain fader etc

The Dry processing clearly says that it does copy the automation, whereas Channel Settings does not mention it.
So my guess is that it simply does not copy the automation.
It should then be a feature request.

Sorry for the trouble.

I don’t know if this is a feature request or simply the way it should work.
I can’t think of any use case where you would want to have the same send parameters but not the automation on the rendered track. And even if there was (and there sure is), it would be way faster to simply deactivate read from the automation than having to copy everything manually.

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Unhelpful yet condescending comment. Not to mention also wrong in the context of the exact situation the poster described.

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I have the same problem and it’s frustrating.
I want to render everything (audio tracks with specific plugins i use or VST instrument tracks so i can only have audio tracks in whole session), but leave the reverb automation for every track because i’m taking the session to my friend for a mix who also uses C12 and same reverbs so we can correct reverb automation if needed. This is just an option that need to be implemented.

Sad to see this hasn’t been sorted. I think someone in Steinberg thinks this is an “intentional” feature.
Anyone from steinberg who could tell us your view?. I think lots of people assume the automation is being transfered to the rendered track

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I have this exact same experience in C12, I’m also wanting to render hardware effects for a vocal channel but keep all my sends automation. It feels like an oversight as I don’t know why you would want to render all your insert fx and just disregard the sends automation on the newly rendered track.


Adding an option to select/deselect to render with sends automation would solve the problem. :man_shrugging:t2: