Render in place, multiple files??


Does render in place allow you to render multiple tracks at once to separate or only to one?

If so does it always render to the same as source in terms of mono/stereo?


Yes, you can render separate tracks, all to multiple tracks, or submix to single track. Also you can render separate clips on one track into multiple clips, in blocks or into just one continuous clip. It can even render sends, if you want. I’m positively surprised about it. It is a bit slow though, it takes time for it to move from clip to clip. But it is fun to watch new tracks popping up :slight_smile:

Sweet thanks … Do you know if it can render mono and stereo to its respective tracks simultaneously ?


Anyone ?

You can render mono tracks only if they are routed to mono busses (groups).

ah same… when are they going to figure that one out…