Render in place not enough disk space error (solved)

Ive not had any issues with C8 until tonight. Ive been working on a project that is synced to dropbox for the last few days and the render has been working as it should. For some reason tonight I started. getting a huge disk spike, full purple bar, which Ive never seen before. Tried bouncing down a single kick and get the error, not enough disk space to complete render. My imac defiantly has enough space cause I just finished a project alot bigger and never got htis message. Any thoughts? Thanks


Forgot to mention, Ive been moving files through drop box today so maybe that caused it? My project is the only thing in there right now tho

Are your locators reversed?

No, I went back to double check and I had the blue locators around the 1 kick.

Looks like I got it sorted, I had bounce down to one track ticked off somehow which I never had before and unticking seemed to fix it. Not sure if thats normal but its working now