Render in place - not in synch

Whenever I use render in place on a track that has plugins (and I render in place printing the FX chain), the resulting track is out of sync with the original. Basically, no automatic delay compensation is applied in the process.

Am I the only one experiencing this? Or am I doing something wrong?


Hi…have traced your old post from another thread complaining of lack of support…let’s see if we can get anywhere with this.

Please give more info…no o/s, no computer spec, no interface or other connected hardware listed!

You don’t say if you have tried any type of problem solving…did you try in a new empty project, did you try only with Steinberg plugs, did you try safe mode, different audio driver selected…is the issue only with RIP…what about export audio mixdown?

Be assured this is not happening for everyone so probably is solvable for you too…even the other thread you responded to that you are having the same issue was actually a different issue if you read carefully what they say.

Hi Grim, thanks for your reply. I didn’t think about trying steinber only plugins.I did, and things remained in sync. Then I added my linear phase DMG eq plugin (that adds quite a bit of latency), and to my surprise things still remained in sync. Then I added one of my UAD plugins… bingo! Things were no longer in sync. I now discovered that there was a setting that needed changing in the universal audio settings (it is a tickbox that adds 64 samples of extra latency. I think protools takes that into account, but cubase doesn’t).

Now working fine with UAD plugins too. And hardware inserts. Perfect.

Thanks for your input.

However this reinforces the fact that Steingberg should reply to support tickets. If they did, I would have been up and running with this a month ago. Ignoring support tickets on a regular basis (many commented they had the same experience) is totally unacceptable. They should spell that out clearly before one buys their software. Instead on their support page they pride themselves that they have great support. Shame on them.

Well there is no guarantee Steinberg would have even resolved your issue…it wasn’t really a Cubase issue after all.

But I don’t disagree that the current wait for support is unacceptably long.