Render in place not separating parts

I have my render in place settings set to make separate events, but when I select multiple midi parts and perform a RIP, it combines them into one audio track. How can I get them to come out separated?

your tail size is set longer than the gap between parts

Great thought, I wouldn’t have even thought about that. But I lowered the tail to 1 bar and it’s still not separating the audio tracks.

but there is only 1 bar between them - I think your tail is longer than a bar (judging by the screen shot - but it’s just a guess)

just as a test, try separating the parts by over a bar - it could be that Cubase is just trying to protect you from a different outcome in the audio to playing the midi - in the audio, you’d still be hearing the tails of your strings at the start of the second part.

ps, the scissor tool can cut the parts up :slight_smile:

I know, but it’s an extra unnecessary step. Sorry, I’m coming from Studio One where if 2 audio parts are close together, they seamlessly blend them together or add auto crossfades. Cubase seems a little clunky in this area.