"Render in place" not working

Hi there,
I have a project that refuses to allow me to use the “render in place” function.

Selecting “Render in place” or “Render settings” does not bring up a window or do anything at all.

I can launch another Nuendo project, and this seems to work just fine. I suppose I could import everything into another project. But I’d prefer not to do that.

Suggestions appreciated,

Mac OS 10.9
Nuendo ver 7.10

These issues are the worst. I quickly checked here and I could not make the RIP tool NOT appear. It always appeared, if I had selected something or not. Weird thing is it’s showing up for you in another project, but not this one. I have no idea from the top of my head what this could be. Window position? Is the RIP window hidden under some other “always on top” window? Unlikely but you never know with Nuendo.

Sorry not being able to help you, maybe somebody else experienced this, but you might have to try and transfer over your project to a new one. And hope the glitch that makes the RIP window not appear, isn’t transferred over with it.

Thanks for feeling my pain, Chris :confused:

I have rebooted, minimized all windows in os x. Closed all other apps and upgraded Nuendo to no avail.

What are you trying to render? - audio, midi track, instrument track?

Audio track.

Does your project contains ‘freezed’ tracks? I had this problem once with a project where I had a couple of frozen instrument tracks.

Best, Alan

Thanks Alan, but no frozen tracks in the project.

Hi jwo,

could you please post some screenshots showing the tracks you want to render and anything that shows what happens or how it looks like?

All the best