Render in place not yet implemented?

Wow. I am impressed. This is such a lame Company. Their top of the range product does not feature the simplest MIDI-to-audio function. It was a Basic Feature in Presonus Studio One, which costs a fraction of Nuendo. Are the developers mad?

It’ll make it into Nuendo version 7 if I’m not mistaken. So you can probably delete this thread.

I know that it will be implemented in Nuendo 7. I only wonder why Steinberg takes a) so long compared to other DAWs - while constantly claiming to be at the forefront of technology, and b) can’t implement such easy improvements (all it takes is a macro that is triggered by a drag and drop action) with a minor service update. Instead they have to launch a bragging whole new version. Jesus…

The same thing can be said about features that Steinberg has for a long time, and are now copied by competitors.
And it’s not like you couldn’t convert midi-to-audio, there were plenty of ways to make that work.