Render in place now even slower

This function has always been slow as can be but with this update it is almost as slow as if I rendered in real time.
Great update so far :frowning:

Now they’re locking and deleting posts instead of giving a poop! Wow.

OK! the UPDATE is clearly having horrible issues and they lock the threads if one is not happy with the OBVIOUS mess up!??? NICE!

WELL MY Installer is not even Installing!!! it crashes right before installing… I also see 3 pages of huge fixes of issues that should not exist… I always read the PDF… THAT GUI redraw and mess up when you zoom in out out and the GUI just go bananas, is still present since Cubase 7. The mixer sometimes loads up zoomed to the max for no reason… :angry:

Working at same speed as before.
Check if you use a smaller buffer now.

Same buffer… Using VEP 6 on external Mac and it is way slower.