Render In Place only produces audio (non-blank event) if the first Direct Out slot is active!

Can this be fixed? I’ve tagged it as a Bug because it makes no sense, given that one of the Render In Place settings is ‘Dry’ and another is ‘Channel Settings’. Neither of these options should depend upon the routing of the track. Hence Render “in place”.

To reproduce:

  1. Have more than 1 direct output slots
  2. Make any but the first direct output slot active
  3. Try Render In Place
  4. It produces a blank event.
  5. Change the active direct output slot to the first slot
  6. Render in place again, this time it produces an event with audio content as it should.
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Thanks for taking the time to write the repo steps and posting the issue.

I can confirm this issue occurs.

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I was also able to reproduce this issue as described.

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This is quite a frustrating quirk and serves only to annoy.

Another thing I noticed is that a Render In Place deactivates all solo/mute states. Is that necessary I wonder?