Render in place only renders part of a single track

Hi, I’ve used render in place plenty of times before and it’s worked fine.

I’m trying to render a single audio track vocal line that is a comp from other recorded tracks to render the inserts (on that track only, no send or groups of master FX) to allow me to time align different takes.

Render settings are:

Mode: As separate events
Processing: Channel settings
Tail: Off
Source track settings: Keep source tracks unchanged

When I render it dry, it renders the whole audio file fine but when I use the above setting I get this:

The rendered version “Verse vox 1 (R)” doesn’t render the first part but does the rest. I’ve tried everything I can think of, tried it in Cubase 12 and 13.

Routing is fine
Doesn’t matter whether ARA for Melodyne is on or off
Doesn’t matter which plugins are on or whether bypassed
Record and monitor are both disabled
Correct regions/track events selected
Nothing is frozen

The only thing I can think of is that there may be some sort of issue with the line being made from different tracks, like I may have deleted the original files/tracks it came from or something. However, it plays just fine so it must be there somewhere.

Another possibility is that the track was frozen previously but was unfrozen to render. Can’t remember if I selected to keep the freeze files or delete them.

I’ve searched all over and can’t find a solution. Other vocal takes render just fine.

Anyone able to help please? Thanks

Cubase 12 and 13
Windows 11
Plenty of RAM and processing power
No recent changes to setup

Yeah that is odd. Plug-ins would be my first suspect. If you want to solve the mystery, it will take a bunch of time & energy to sort out I’d expect.

But if you just want to move on, you could Export the Track to an Audio file and import that back into the Project.

Thanks Raino, you’re right, just move on, don’t try to understand why it isn’t working. Bad habit of mine!

Having said that I think it’s to do with backing up the project from C drive to the D drive and then I think the subsequent recordings ended up on the D drive audio folder of this project. Can’t be arsed to figure out what needs to go where, will just do a mixdown.

Thanks again

UPDATE: You were completely correct (again), it was a plugin, Rx10 de-click. used as an insert wouldn’t render in full. Looks like I need to export it anyway to use in RX standalone.