Render in Place problem

Working on our first project since Christmas and installing Cubase 11 - when attempting to render midi parts using render in place I get an error message stating “Not enough disk space available for rendering. Action is cancelled”.
I have about 100 gigs available on my system drive and 1.5 terrabytes on the drive where the project is stored, this has never happened before.
Tried to do it on 10.5, which I still have installed and used for multiple projects last year, with the same result.
Unsure as to what the problem is as I have plenty of disk space available - has anyone else encountered this issue?

Win 10 64bit, i7 quadcore

I got a lot of bugs in my system until I uninstalled the last version. I also cleared all my preferences and had to do a clean install of the USB and midi drivers from the Steinberg site. All your work will pop right up in the 11 version. Just make sure to set up the interface connections on the F4 page the same way.

This is really a shot into the blue, but to me, it sounds like a folder Cubase tries to write the rendered item into (probably not even the final result, but the cache while it is processing) might be write-protected. Windows 10 had an update a few months ago, which protected some more system folders. Something like “Controlled folder access”.

I play video games and some of them can’t save their settings properly since then. I’m on a Mac here, so I can’t tell you for sure where the setting is, but I found this in a game forum:

Window Defender => Virus & Thread protection (left panel) => Manage ransomware protection => Allow an app through Controlled folder access => add an allowed app.

You might wanna give it a try.