render in place question

if a instrument or a audio track has a ext plug on the insert or a ext synth …does render in place work in realtime? like freeze? and can you select multiple audio tracks at once?

render in place is an offline proces and not realtime i guess. But if your question is if you can choose the different routing settings in the signal path, then yes: you can select this when choosing render setup in stead of render itself. You can choose the dry plugin, plugin with efx and full signal path.

Can you select multiple audio tracks: yes. Just select them.

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That kinda sucks cause if I use say a la2a as a hardware insert but want to use it multiple times freeze does work but does not release the plugin to use again…what I do is exactly that run track to a print buss and rerecord it in thru a digital loop I have setup in my system …time consuming but then I can use it like I have 10 of them…also can u render group tracks…?

I guess if u select all the tracks in that group and hit post process option that would work…right?

I mentioned something related in another thread.

I can render in-place with VSTis, but external synths aren’t rendering in-place at all with CBP8.

Not sure if it’s a bug, something that isn’t intended or if there’s a work-around.

I’m not having any trouble using render in place for external synths. It renders them in real time.

That’s only for external synths that use instrument tracks though, it won’t work for MIDI/audio set ups.

Render in Place with external synth works fine for me, just like freezing, see attached example.
rendering external synth.png

try a audio track if u have a ext effect as a insert that u use…thanks…well at least ext synths can render

also can you render in place group tracks?

+1 ???


also can you render in place group tracks?


What I did to use my Avalon more then on time as a external decide I create more copy of the external device so when the first is block by C8 just use copy 2 and assign the in and out, you will get a msg that those in and out are in use but change them anyway

That does not compute. Why doubling the ext-plugin, after you render in place the ext-plugin is free to move to another track.
Btw you can’t RIP a bus, but if you assign a phantom output bus to the tracks you want to process and use that as input for an audio track. That can then use an external fx and be rendered in place.