Render in place question

How do i bounce the audio into a new track but without the inserted fx vsts populating in the new track

ie i want to record the audio into a new track with all the fx on it from the existing track, but for the new track not to have any of the vsts populate in the inserts, just the recorded audio with the fx on it

badly explained, but i basically want to bounce to a new track in the DAW as if i were ‘exporting audio mixdown’


In the Render in Place settings, you can choose, if you want to export only the track, track with Inserts, or the whole path.

Hi, No that doesnt work. none of those settings record the audio with the fx on into a new wav. Ie i want to record some drums with a delay effect, the drum loop is a bar. the delay effect goes on for 4 bars. I want the recorded bounce to create a 4 bar wav, without the fx populating into the inserts, but to have recorded the fx and automation. I want to be able to render in place as if i were exporting audio mix down, into a new channel. thanks

Change the audio in to an ‘event’ and I imagine it’ll render however long you make the event to be.

ok thanks - where do i do that?

My bad - meant change the ‘event’ in to a ‘part’.

It’s in the audio menu.


You would have to lengthen the clip to however long you need for the delay or reverb to die away if you are doing a short part. If you are rendering the whole (joined or all highlighted) track:

Edit > Render In Place > Render Settings > Complete Signal Path > Render

Hope that helps?

Or just adjust the tail in the render in place settings.

Exactly…there is no need to change the original length, just add 3 bars of tail in the render settings.