render in place question


To save up resources I would like to render out a channel. During a project for me the easiest way is to render only the channel settings without group channel settings and/or send FX. So basicly just to get rid of the (heavy) insert plugins. Am I correct that this is not possible with render in place?

Channel Settings If this option is activated, all effects are rendered into the resulting audio files. > This includes insert effects, channel strip settings, group channel settings, or FX send channel settings> . Panner settings are transferred to the new audio tracks.

I don’t think that the “Channel Settings” doesn’t do what I need (and hopefully other people need :wink: ). What (to me) seems to be more handy is “Include insert effect, channel strip settings and transfer send FX and group channel settings”.




I would say, the Channel Settings does, what you expect. Insert Effects and the Channel Strip effects are applied (so you ged rid of the plug-ins). And the Group settings (better to say routing), and FX routing is applied to the new rendered track.

Wouldn’t be better to use Freeze function instead, for you?

I have tested it and you are correct. The manual isn’t clear. When Channel Settings is used Sends and Routing is copied to the new track. Only the Inserts and Strip is rendered. Nice!

Render is a better option because it’s more flexible. For example: I process a clap and after that I can reverse it, give the last clap in a bar a reverb, etc. The original track/bar is muted, so I can add stuff during the whole project without any complex clicking. Freezing becomes handy only in the verry last phase of a project. Freezing wasn’t verry stable in the early days, so I’m also still scared to wreck my project. The same with VCA faders :wink:



If you’re scared of wrecking your project then why not make a backup of the project folder first? :wink:

Because that would be another flow killer :wink: You are right offcourse

LOL learned the hard way mate… :blush: