Render in place questions


  1. According to the manual automation should be transfered to the new track when rendering in place (dry). This does not happen with me;
  2. According to the manual you should be able to Disable Source Tracks. I do not have this option (see screen shot).

Did I miss something or is this a bug?

The missing automation…

Render the track, not selected event/s

Hi Grim,

Thanks for your reply. That solved my remove track question, so thanks for that.

The automation is still an issue though. Have a look at the original track here:

And the rendered one here:

There are some unwanted point there, as you can see. Any idea?

Hmmnn…I tested with an audio track before posting and it copied the automation perfectly.

I’ve shut down for the night now so can’t check with an instrument track til tomorrow.

That would be great. Have a good night.

Rendered automation on instrument track also producing a perfect copy for me.

Does it do the same on an empty test project with a different instrument?

Spectrasonics´ Omnisphere doesn´t , but Steinberg´s Padshop does transfer the automation. I´ll check some other synths as well. Strange…

Thanks for checking!

It´s even stranger: I can´t open Render Setup with only the track selected.

First I have to select the event, go to Render setup, which then opens, close that, deselect the event.

Now I can go to Render setup (track based)…

Same goes for Render. I assigned it to a key command (Control + Alt + R), but when I select the track nothing happens. First have to select and render the event, Control + Z. Now I can select the track and Render it.

Just to push me towards a nervous breakdown, in the second new empty project the automation does get transfered now :open_mouth: Hurray?!

My first big issue with CB8 - Render in place simply doesn’t work - clicking it does nothing. So you’re better off than me - I rather have RIP with no automation than no RIP! :slight_smile:

Neither on a selected event nor on a selected track?

Nope - but obviously this is someone else’s thread - don’t want to hijack it - just moaning! :slight_smile: The only time it did anything it created four empty tracks (output of two stereo channels) based on a different track to the one I had selected! Usually a render in place request results in - nowt - not even a spike in harddisk activity to signify it’s trying or dumping!

Yes it´s mine! How dare you! :laughing:

Hmmm, strange thing. Well let´s hope they fix it in their upcoming update.

I didn’t spot that! :laughing: