Render in place - Real time render

Using external fx with Render in place is not possible, as Render in place does not have a real time -option.

Please consider adding real time -option for the Render panel for external fx support (as with the Export panel).

also Real Time rendering sound better, it doesn’t make sens to to a Render In Place using fast rendering (except for preview)


Render in Place is triggered in Real Time, if you are using External Instrument and if you are using External FX and the Render Settings > Processing is set to Channel Settings, or any of the Complete Signal Path option.

It doesn’t make sense to Render in Place the Dry signal in Real Time.


Sorry, it definitely sounds the very same in both cases (Real Time and or Offline).

Well. Not really. There is no difference between the two.

No, I want an option to render my plugins and hardware synths in place WITHOUT also rendering the mixer insert and send FX. This way I can free up CPU power by rendering synth plugins in place (and also free up my hardware synths for additional parts) but still have the flexibility to mix (i.e., apply effects) as the final stage of my song writing process.

Hope this makes sense!

There is a render in place setting for that.


Then set the Render in Place to the Dry option.