Render In Place Resets Summing Mode / Clears Subsequent Routes

When using the Render In Place (Dry) function, Nuendo does a nice job of replicating the source track’s configuration, including routing, inserts, and sends. However, when Direct Routing and Summing Mode are enabled in the source track, Nuendo does not copy those settings to the new audio track, but instead resets Summing Mode and clears any subsequent routes, requiring users to restore them by hand.

To replicate:

  1. In Nuendo, launch a new project
  2. In the MixConsole, enable the Direct Routing rack
  3. In the Project window, add an Instrument Track
  4. In the MixConsole window, right-click on the new Instrument Track’s Direct Routing header and enable Summing Mode
  5. Add and enable a secondary route (create a Group, if necessary, and route to that)
  6. Record a performance into the Instrument Track
  7. Select the Instrument Track and choose Edit > Render In Place > Render Settings…
  8. In the Render Tracks pop-up window, choose Dry (Transfer Channel Settings)
  9. Nuendo renders the Instrument Track to a new Audio Track
  10. Note the new Audio Track’s Direct Routing destinations don’t all match those of the source Instrument Track

I hope this is helpful.