'Render in Place' results in crash on certain tracks

I’ve been having this for a while now and still no fix. Certain instrument tracks in my project seem to crash when I use the render in place function.

It doesn’t happen on all instrument tracks but on the ones that it does happen it happens every time. The crash locks up the whole of Cubase and I have to ‘end task’ in the task manager and restart Cubase every time.

I’m on Cubase Pro 9.0.1, running Windows 10 Pro, 8 Core i7, 64GB RAM.

Has anyone come across a fix for this issue?

A few questions…

Do they crash with the latest CB version installed? You are (2) updates behind.

Are the instrument tracks that crash CB using the same VSTi?

What VSTi are loaded?

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi there, thanks for the reply, yes they still crash with the latest version of CB which I’ve just installed. I use mainly Kontakt with some Omnisphere, Massive, Reaktor and a few others.

So far one of the crashes has been with a Kontakt instrument track but I’ve had other Kontakt instrument tracks in the same project render just fine without the crash.