Render in Place (RIP) only renders stereo, no matter what

I don’t understand. This is said to be fixed in v8.0.20, but I still only get stereo from RIP in v8.5, no matter what I select for source tracks or output channels. Am I missing something?

Build 8.5.2 Build 69 64 Bit Built on Apr 29
Windows 8 64 Bit

Improvements in Cubase 8.0.20

Render in Place (Cubase Artist / Pro only)

The “Render Settings” window has been cleaned up with all options integrated into one window page (the previous 2nd tab “Format” is obsolete).
It is now possible to render tracks in either mono or stereo: For the render options “Dry (Transfer Channel Settings)” and “Channel Settings” the resulting audio tracks keep the formats of their source tracks. A mono track results in a mono track. For the render options “Complete Signal Path” and “Complete Signal Path + Master FX” the resulting audio file format is determined by the output channel of the source track. A mono track, routed to a stereo bus, results in stereo audio files.

I am getting inconsistent results with RIP, and I am trying to make sense of it. Stereo tracks render to mono; mono to stereo. If I try to reproduce the same results in a new Cubase project with the exact same source files, I get different rendering results. How can this be?

OK, I think I found the issue, and I think it is my error. But I leave my findings because it might help another (Maybe move my comment to another part of the forum, no problem):

Render in Place follows the TRACK setting, ie, mono or stereo, NOT the clip setting. Note a stereo track can have mono clips on it, and vice versa. This confused me. So:

If you Render in Place a clip on a stereo TRACK, the result will be stereo, regardless if the clip is mono or stereo.
If you Render in Place a clip on a mono TRACK, the result will be mono, regardless if the clip is mono or stereo.

Direct routing does not seem to affect this.