Render In Place - Settings Changed & Window Not Displaying?

My normal settings to render in place are to render the plug-ins to a new file, but with the new update today, it now makes a new track with the plugins copied over as well, and they were not written to the file.

Selecting Edit > Render In Place > Render Settings, does nothing. It causes the arrangement window to be highlighted with the orange border, but that’s all, there are no rendering settings displayed.

Anyone else seeing the same issue?


Are you using Rewire at all?

Hi there,

No, not a Rewire user. Also it still does this on brand new, empty projects.

Bump … can other people chime in with whether this is also the case for them? It does this on both PC and Mac for me …

I can see the render setting if I need to

Works fine here

I’ve got the same problem across two different computers and OS’s, so that’s … fun. Also now encountering CPU spikes with Izotope software that I wasn’t before. Praying to the Steinberg Gods that they show mercy on my soul.

FIXED: Uninstall Cubase. Reinstall Cubase. Yup. I’m not even mad, I’m just relieved it’s fixed.

However, this has also massively helped the CPU spiking issue for me, so anyone with that same problem, I whole heartily recommend a full reinstall of the program.

There is no other way? I really cant reinstall it all. In the middle of production. How can a simple, important settings window not appear? :unamused:

It has happened with some vst’s (ssquad and geist) from Fxpansion for me…but not all the time. Seems to vary from project to project.