Render In Place starting seconds silence error (?)

So few tracks of mine, had,
soothe 2 optimum setting,
Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 linear phase on max,
about 70 percent CPU reached.

I rendered in place, but some of the rendered WAV had starting point cut out, as if my mac could not handle and crashed…

Does this happen often…?
Which setting would be the most ideal to render in place (not real time) having no potential error like this?

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I used to see this on my old Windows PC if there was a lot of latency, make sure to add a bar or so at the beginning of the section you want to render to allow for everything to catch up? Worked in my situation anyway.

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Ah… ok! haha… yeah I used to do the same back when I used to use Cubase 5? oh man… maybe I was loading too much and over-sampling too much :slight_smile: