Render in Place to Mono

Unless I am missing something , this is still not an option.

The routing thing doesn’t work, as far as I can see, and you still have to record from a mono group.

This was mentioned back in Cubase 8 days, and still not implemented.

So is this ever going to happen ? I am tired of the long winded approach I have to take to get a mono kick drum from a synth.

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is this what you want?

No, because that doesn’t work.

It may work for a mono audio file, but if you want to render in place from a VST instrument to mono, you cannot.

You have to go through the whole rigmarole of going to mono group, and recording from that.

Having the option “Render file in mono” in the menu would solve this, why can’t they make this happen ? Its been a feature request since Cubase 8.

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Use export audio, select the instrument track and select mono down mix.

Yes, a viable option, but why can’t they add the option to render in place as mono ? That’s the idea behind the Render in Place option anyway, to simply things, yet to do it to mono is a ballache.

Id like to see a checkbox for Mono Render added, and whatever it is, gets rendered in mono. Simples.

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