'Render in Place' Track Names

I have several projects which I need to send to another studio for processing in Logic Pro. I am therefore merging all events on each MIDI track in Cubase 13 so that each track only has one event (starting from bar 1 and ending at the same position as all other MIDI tracks), naming the resulting event so that its name is the same as its track name, then ‘converting’ all the MIDI tracks to audio tracks via the ‘Render in Place’ function.

I would like each rendered audio track to have the same track name as its source MIDI track, but Cubase doesn’t do this - creating a bespoke name for each one instead (e.g. a MIDI track named “H6 Easy Vintage Bass” is rendered to an audio track named “HALion 6 01 (R)”).

I should point out here that the generated audio files themselves are named as expected (i.e. in the above example the MIDI event [also named “H6 Easy Vintage Bass”] is rendered to an audio file named “H6 Easy Vintage Bass.wav”) - it is not the name of the audio events/files I am referring to, but the names of the rendered audio tracks within the Cubase project.

I was hoping that there is a setting somewhere which configured ‘Render in Place’ to name generated audio tracks with the same name as their source MIDI tracks. However, the settings dialog only allows a custom name or a Cubase-generated one. If there were ‘fields’ which could be entered (e.g. ‘$TN’ for ‘Track Name’ etc.) then I could use the former, but this does not seem to be the case.

Is there a way to do what I’m looking for - or do I need to continue the time-consuming task of renaming the rendered audio tracks manually?

I think the name is determined by the name of the audio channel from the VSTi. If you change that name (maybe the MixConsole gives good access to the channel names) then the tracks should follow suit.

Thanks - but Cubase will still generate its own audio track name (based on the corresponding channel name - as you said) and I would like it to use the MIDI track name from which the audio track is being rendered as I name them according to VSTi and patch-name.

It’s a shame there isn’t an option to do that - particularly when selecting “As One Event” in the ‘Export Selected Events’ dialog box.

Not to worry - it’s no big deal.