Render In Place - Track Names


I’d like a proper naming function for the “Render In Place” task.

Is it possible to just simply let the rendered track’s name take after the previous MIDI/audio track that it was rendered from?
That would really save alot of time.

For example:

MIDI track name is “Violins 1”.

Rendered audio track will then be automatically named as “Violins 1 ®”.

That would REALLY save ALOT of time in workflow.



+1… Yes it would.

+1, and even a step further- an option for the name to be the midi part’s name.

I like it. Lots of time wasted changing track names

Great idea. +1


And to the steinberg programmer…while you are at it,
please add the ability to render in place External FX insert plugins.

…So just make it a Real-Time Mixdown ‘Render in place’ when this is selected and shouldn’t be that hard.

Never tell a programmer “it shouldn’t be hard” unless you want a new enemy. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Serious response: post this as its own feature request if you want it to be considered.)