Render-in-place track naming issue


in Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.3 and Nuendo 7.0.3 there is still issue with automatic naming of the newly-rendered audio track created from an original MIDI track. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Create a Project.

  • Add a new MIDI track, assign it to a VSTi, then name the track with a specific name. (In my case, as see in the image below, my MIDI track is named “K38-5 AK Irish Feadog Whistle”).

  • Record a part on this MIDI track.

  • Select the MIDI Part which you have just recorded.

  • Perform “Render in place” function.

  • The new audio track with rendered audio is automatically named “Kt. st. 1 (38) ®”. Currently, in version 7.0.3 here is no way to set it to automatically get the name of the original MIDI track on which the original MIDI part was recorded. In my case, I needed the rendered audio track to automatically copy the name of the original MIDI track, which was “K38-5 AK Irish Feadog Whistle”.

Please fix this because when you have to do a ton of Render-in-place from MIDI parts and then copy and paste the original MIDI track name onto the new rendered audio track that takes a lot of unnecessary extra time in the long run and also takes away from the creative flow process.

Thank you, Steinberg! You guys are the best!