Render in place unbearably slow in Cubase 12 and 13...why?

Steinberg, why do you ignore these sorts of posts. It really is bad form to see these issues and not even have the decency to reply. Exporting on Bitwig and other DAW’s is so much quicker. I just don’t have the time when preparing stems to go cook a roast dinner
when I have so much cpu available. At least give us the option to go back to the older way of fast rendering.

I came across this very issue recently and I can’t remember what plugin/VI i was rendering but it was so slow I thought something had gone wrong! I’m on an M1 Max 64Gb ram machine. I also have the exact same setup running on my 7950x 64GB ram windowd 11 machine as well so if this happens again I could switch between the two.

without drifting off topic, people have mentioned the Mx vs PC performance with Cubase. As on owner of both here’s my take:

On my M1 max cubase uses all the cores very evenly so the mac task manager and the cubase performance meter scale evenly. i.e if cubase is showing 80% ASIO guard then you’ll see the mac’s cores all running around 70-80%

On the AMD7950x 80% on the ASIO guard doesn’t relater to the windows performance. task manager shows overal cpu usage of 20% and you’ll see half of my 32 threads are only running at 5% .

So the project will crap out the same on the M1 as it does on ther 7950x only the 7950x has potentially 50% more power going unused.

So it’s no that the M1 macs are powerful it’s more that cubase isn’t optimised to use the power of the 7950x.

The only time I’ve seen the power of the pc over the mac is in the Scan/Don sigales cubase test which copies VI/reverb channesl at 32 buffer, which isn’ty really a real world test but it 's a benchmank of sorts.

The 7950x can playback twice as many tracks as the M1, which is as it should be, owever as i said, this doesn’t relate to a real world mix project with bussing/automation, FX sends etc etc


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No that’s not it, I can see that Cubase is just not utilising that core to the full when exporting. It used to be a lot faster on previous Cubase versions …a lot faster.